1. itineraries_72c84dca-fe8b-4ed7-8d58-881be3c43d481No Uber or Lyft Services. This is just a Vancouver/British Columbia Ban at the moment , and they are able to do this due to the Car Insurance for British Columbia being provincial meaning that the local state runs this ( Publically Owned ). Unlike most other cities Uber just started up and fought the law suits later due to taxi licenses )
  2. No Cycling on the Sidewalk, the police will really ticket you for this
  3. The current housing availability is less than 1% and they don’t like AirBNB due to the current housing shortage there is
  4. Unfortunately there is lots of homeless on the street in Downtown, areas like East Hastings and Gastown are filled with Temporary shelters.
  5. If the weather is right you can , Golf , Ski , Sail , Scuba Dive and Shoot in one day!
  6. Purchasing a Monthly Skytrain pass, does not start on the day you purchase it , but the 1st of the month! So it should be done at the start of the month
  7. Lock up your bike and get insurance. Bike theft in Vancouver is RIFE! Make sure you get a bike lock with insurance just incase as the theeves are very resourcefully ( battery angle grinders )!
  8. Get used to the smell of Marjauna , dispensers are all over the city and casually smoked
  9. Vancouver is the largest film production center in North America after Los Angeles , which means there will be lots of opportunity to spot celebs and downtown clousures due to filming sets
  10. There are LOTS of breweries here , great place to get a beer and some battered pickles!
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