Madame Brussels

Upon arriving in Melbourne some local friends decided to give me a run down on local bars which turned into an awesome day. I thought I would share the list!

Roof Top Bar

Roof Top Bar

We started off at Madame Brussels it feels like going back to the fifties with a full blown cigar room and apparently bowl’s on the grass inside! They have their famous poached chicken, chive and mayo toasted sandwiches served with lemon wedges and tabasco which goes down nicely with a jug of ingredients such as cucumber, lemon, strawberries mint , soda and Gin!

Next stop Section 8 a small outside bar mainly built and structured with shipping containers. The artwork around the surrounding building’s brickwork is very ‘Banksy’ and hip! The bar is simply but very fast at serving leaving you to admire the art, outside DJ and company!

Section 8

Section 8

We then went onto the Roof Top Bar/Cinema this place spots an open DJ during the day with amazing views over Melborune , then at night get’s kitted out with deck chairs for an open top cinema. The five minute preparation for the Bloody Mary did not go unnoticed and was a show in itself!



Next stop was just downstairs in the same building called Cookie , an amazing place for cocktails , and an endless list of spirits on display from all around the world. The shots where poured into stylish green glasses that I’ve heard usually make good souvenirs! The Thai food smelt really good as well!

The Croft Institute

The Croft Institute

Onto something a bit more upmarket we went to The Red Hummingbird which was actually hosting a wedding reception during the day when we went. The place has multiple floors however we made use of the roof top bar again as it was such a nice day!

Our last stop was the Croft Institute which was previously a really life mental institution! After navigating winding alleyways the place looks nothing on the outside. As you go inside the decor has been left inside of the institute with beds and pans in the bathroom as well as your cocktail being served with a syringe!

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