Recently I was billed an extra $50 CAD for going over my data useage by 1 GB. Checking through how this happened as I had multiple barriers to stop this proved 3 failures :

  1. FIDO store rep at shop turned the device limit off when trying to fix 4g problem on my phone and didn’t turn it back on
  2. I was never txted by FIDO upon nearer my data limit which I had been before when I was on a previous plan
  3. I Could not use the App to check Data Useage , for some reason the first month of billing the App does not work , only after the second month

I went in Store to complain however the guy said there was nothing he could do about it.

I went to the online help and was told by the first rep that “I am responsible for my data usage not them” “the text messages could not be relied on it was random!” , I reiterated  the above and ask for my case to the elevated, he aksed me to go to store. I reiterated the elevation and 10 minutes later I then spoke to a manager who accepted fault and tried to only refund 75% of charges! I said this was unacceptable as Fido were at fault and he succumbed and refunded the full amount!

Worst case you can log a message with the ombudsman


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