Recently a friend moved into a property and when she used all her Gas Appliances at once the Gas Hob was very low

On checking the Gas Regulator outside was 1.25KPA which explains it! Most Appliances can go up to this amount which means when they were all on gas was dropped by 1/3rd

Process of increase the Gas pressure as this was no help

  1. You will need to speak to your Gas Energy Supplier ( who you buy Gas from ) and tell them you need to upgrade the regulator to 2.75KPA. They will contact the existing Gas Maintenance company who provide your address with Gas and confirm the “Street or road” has this pressue to activate. They will then provide you with a Form
  1. You will need to pay for a Gas Registered Engineer to come to your house and they will test the existing House Pipes and appliances to make sure they can withstand 4 kPa (lock-up pressure). They will then document all Gas Appliances with their models and make sure they have regulators fitted. They will need to physically see regulators so may need to take stuff out.
  2. They will fill out the sheet and his Name \ License and Telephone. The engineer needs to provide a certificate of compliance for your address as well!
  3. Provide the Form and the certificate of compliance back to your energy supplier
  4. Energy Supplier books in for the upgrade ( They will replace the Meter and Regulator ) , and give you back an ETA. Make sure you get an exact date / time as you will need to Book in the Gas Registered Engineer to reconnect the gas after they have swapped it.
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