7qmtulhn1Trying to transfer money when you first move to a country can be difficult. The old method of travellers cheques are awkward and cuberson however the benefit is you don’t need a local bank account.

Travelex have brought out a card , where you can preload currency and exchange with a 0% comissions for free withdrawls

Another good method is to find a credit card with 0% commission on exchange rates e.g. : Halifax Clarity Mastercard

Then positively load on money to the Credit Card so you are in positive balance , which won’t get charged a Cash Advance Fee so it’s free withdrawls around the world!

You can also use a money transfer service such as Transferwise, where you give it a From and to Bank Account and it does the rest at a very competative rate

By using this sign up link :


You can send your first 500 GBP for free

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