How to use Distill Web Monitor to Alert or Monitor for Qantas ( Economy Classic Reward )  For Free

Sometimes when trying to search for award availability with Qantas your dates don’t line up with any Classic Rewards available. You can use paid for services out there to contact you if availability comes up, but I’ve found a free way with Distill Web Monitor

  1. Install Distill Web Monitor into Chrome
  2. Login to Qantas with your account
  3. Search for the dates you are not seeing any availability , its better to choose “One way” Search ( Just do 2 search for each left )   with “use points” Ticked

  4. After taking you to the search results Click on Distill icon top right and choose Monitor Parts of the page
  5. Click on the No Seats Part for the flight you want to monitor or select all of them if you want and choose Save Selections

  6. Next choose Show Config

  7. Increase the delay to 10 and click Save
  8. Device if you want this to be less then 6 hours for free you will need to choose a local device ( and leave your computer on ) or purchase cloud credits
  9. You choose the alert system , I choose email

  10. You will then be emailed if there’s any changes

*Note the link you generate after you search will only be valid if you stay logged into Qantas on the browser


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