Refinancing to ( Peoples choice Credit Union ) Review

Applied : Jan 19th 2021

Reason: Reduction of interest rates by 0.1%

Approved : Feb 15th 2021

Settlement: March 11th 2021


  • I was put through with a Mobile Home Loan Adviser who went through the whole process with me from Approval to Settlement
  • I had to contact the old Mortgage provider and complete the discharge of mortgage form ( peoples choice gave me the information I needed)
  • They complete verification of identity via a Web-Ex meeting
  • Needed to Update Home Insurance with a new provider
  • As a new lending member with People’s Choice, I will refer you to our Financial Planner – this is a service we provide and is especially important for mortgage holders.

The Planner will make initial contact to answer any investment/superannuation questions you may have and to ensure you are adequately covered should anything unforeseen happen to yourself or your income stream. They can also provide advice around levels of insurance cover in your current Superannuation package. This is an important issue in today’s climate and does not cost anything to have this chat initially – this is a service we provide our lending members. Please let me know if you would not like to speak with them.

  • Peoples Choice Credit Union Membership Number took 2 working Days
  • ING tried to match the rate however couldn’t match the cashback deal
  • The paperwork took an Additional 10 days to complete , they gave me two options , come into one of their stores , or they would express post it. Instore worked well the lady went through the process of signing what.
  • Settlement went through without a hitch
  • They sent a box of chocolates which was a nice touch
  • Cashback is paid 6-8 weeks after settlement , Cashback was confirmed by Mobile Home Loan Adviser


  • There’s no direct debit set up for mortgage repayments so you can do this yourself ( or extra )


  • No two-factor Authentication on the website
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