I tested out both these Courier Food Delivery Services while job hunting and thought I would share my findings:


  • You get Bonus for Scheduling a shift and the bonus varies depending on how many other drivers are available
  • You get money if the restaurant is slow with the order “Reimbursement for restaurant hold”
  • Cash Tips on Cash orders


  • You have to schedule shifts and prove your availabilty for the next week ( Can’t just sign on when neeeded )
  • They use Shift planner to organize your shifts and a seperate app for bookings which is not intergrated into the mobile App
  • You can’t opt out of bookings no matter were they are
  • You have to pay 79$ for a Pizza bag and insulated Food bag
  • You have to carry Cash with you to pay for orders as well as change for the customer


  • You can turn on and off the App whenever you want making it very flexible
  • Free Tshirt ( you do not have to wear ) and free insultated bag
  • There is a referral bonus for referring other drivers who complete 50 orders


  • You have to keep your Acceptance rate high in order to get bonus
  • On slow nights you have jobs that are 20km away

How Earnings Compare

This was during a 4 day weekday evening period . Weekend Earnings to follow

Total Devieries Total Amount Total Tips Number of 0$ Tips
skipthe-dishes-round-button-logo-300x3001 22 $164.95 $52.56 4
doordash-square-red1 18 174.31 $57.94 0


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