Replacing broken or old parts on your car can be annoying and expensive. It’s good to check on Craigslist for people who sell specific parts , you could be lucky

New Parts can be ordered with a Part number through online shops such as , you can usually contact these people and describe the part you want!

If you are looking for replacement Body parts , you will need to get these at the same colour to your existing car. Make sure the part is not just Primed – this means ready for paint

Tips for Junkyards

  • Bring Tools , you will need to remove the part yourself! Some Junkyards actually can fetch the part for you , but usually not!
  • Get a picture of the car , you can see if it has the part and the damage to it
  • Check the price of the part before going there!
  • Some junkyards charge you for entry , double check this!

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