Receiving calls abroad when roaming on your mobile can get expensive for  both parties involved! For example receiving a call on Vodafone abroad can cost you up to 75p a Minute! However I have found a significant cheaper way around. This is advisable for people staying in the country for more than 1 Week as it involves buying a local simcard.

1 ) Sign up for a 10576120-31 Account

2 ) Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number – This gives you a local number to forward your mobile calls too for free ( With Inclusive Anytime Minutes ) or a small per minute fee with pay as you go!

To setup call forwarding on your mobile enter the following on your mobile *21*[phone number you want to forward to]# and press the call button. To remove this forward , enter #21# and press the call button again

3) Next depending which country you are going to, you can sign up to the international monthly tariff and pay £7 a month for unlimited free calls to Singapore, Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong Mobiles or pretty much any other countries land-line , or buy some Skype pay as you go Credit and and pay 0.014p/minute for the forwarding costs.

4) Purchase a local pay as you go simcard from any local telcom shop or purchase a GO-Sim before you go ( Use Code am3p5wj to get 10% off )
4) Enable Skype Call Forwarding , By opening Skype and going to Tools > Options > Calls > Call Forwarding and entering you

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