voicemailTo recieve your standard vodafone voicemail messages overseas you need to dial your own mobile number , and press 9 when you hear your personlised greeting message. This can be done at home by also dialing 121 however when roaming sometimes this number is not forwarded. This is charged at an international rate as you are calling home and charges can mount up. Vodafone provides a free service where you can sign up to a voicemail mailbox via www.vodafone.net . I would advise you set this up with Internet Explorer as it has some issues with Firefox

After setting this up  with your mobile number , voicemail messages will be sent in WAV format to this email account ( [email protected] ). This can be picked up at any computer( With Speakers ) , by logging back into vodafone.net with your details. To access this with the same ease as your existing voicemail service , all you have to do it set this email account on your phone via Blackberry Internet Services or any other phone that can supprt IMAP Emails using your username and password and Incoming mail server : imap.vodafone.net and outgoing server : smtp.vodafone.net.

Recieving emails while roaming will still mount up expensive overseas data charges ,  £6 a Megabyte ! However you can recieve voicemail for free if you connect to a free WiFi hotspot!

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  1. Bish Reply

    Got an account (am in Australia) but don’t seem to get any .wav files forwarded?

    Still getting them to my iphone via visual voicemail?

    need to sort this out as I am going to Android and need to get my voicemails via imap

    any luck anyone?

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