1. Pudong


    Facebook is blocked , Google is blocked in certain regions of Shanghai ( E.g. not business districts ) I found in Pudong it worked though, you can use this on your Android Application or Desktop to get this to work : https://getlantern.org/

  2. Cash is King in China, hardly any places take card , get this changed at the airport or use an ATM
  3. Chinese Uber as below theres new Uber! People’s Uber with the China Star. You really need to be with someone who can speak Mandarin as the driver will call close to the premise and it’s hard to get number plates. The destination will need to be written in Mandarin as well, which can be copied from a Google Page.
  4. China's Peoples Uber

    China’s Peoples Uber

    North Korean Restaurant run by North Korean University Students Every night at 7:30pm, North Korean female singers take the stage to singall of the favorite North Korean songs (Arirang included) in glittery sequined minis and the traditional Korean dress called “Choson-ot”


359 Zhaojiabang Lu, 2nd floor, near Jiashan Lu
Telephone: +86 21 6417 1777

4. Han City – A great market for all the trademarked infringed products China has to offer which are sometimes from the same factories as the real ones , like Iphones running Android, however at the time of writing this , the building Lease expires at the end of this week , so the many other fake markets Shanhai offer can be found through a Bing ( China’s Google! )

5. Dumplings , xiao long bao! We visited Crystal Jade Restaurant for a great good quality selection. Old Town (Nanshi)  is worth a visit to get really big xiao long bao

6. Chinese Acrobats – http://www.shanghaiacrobaticshow.com/ can be booked from any hotel and hostel really worth the visits it’s next level Cirque du Soleil

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