Interestingly I never got emailed from China Southern to recommend a check-in so I did this at the airport. Delaying this process meant I got 2 x Middle seats for my flights!

Food was pretty good all up although there was a language barrier on some of the meals. Noodles were spaghetti, and “Chinese Food” for breakfast was dumplings.

The Dreamliner product B789 had laptop charging ports and USB charging on the screen

The A359 Product did not have laptop charging but had USB charging on the screen.

The entertainment was Sky movies but mainly Chinese movies so I would recommend downloading episodes onto Phone. There wasn’t an easy spot to place the phone.

There were two drink services for each meal , one before and one after the meal. Interestingly Milk and Sugar was added to the coffee already!

China Southern lounge in Guangzhou

The China Southern lounge in Guangzhou is actually valid via priority pass. You can get a shower here ( on request ) and they give you a vanity kit for shaving and brushing your teeth. The toilet squirt seat in the bathrooms reminded me of my travels in Japan.  Meals in the lounge were really good , there is a constant buffet that changes food due to time of the days ( Morning \ Lunch and Dinner ) , and a chef boiling fresh noodles with a chicken broth which you can add to with Beef stew of a tomato tofu dish. There was also a chef frying up chicken\mushrooms or burgers throughout the day.

They have fridges full of cakes \ a ice bath of normal and fruit salads and 2 Coffee Machines ( one serving iced Latte’s which I was impressed by! )

Alcohol was self service , two different types of beer in the normal drinks fridge, and wines with whiskey on the bar.

The lounge seemed very hot like the airconditioner was not working , there was fans dotted around the lounge but you had to be lucky to get one when busy.

The massage chairs dotted around the outside of the lounge had Wireless phones charged built into the arm rest along with USB ports in the side with multiple powerpoints in the stools around the lounge. For some reason these only catered too EU\US and Australian Plugs not UK!


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