8 Day Route

  1. Orog Lake
  2. Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan
  3. Tsenkher hot springs
  4. Taikhar Rock
  5. Erdene Zuu Monastery
  6. Ulaagchiin Khar Lake
  7. Ulaagchiin Khar Lake
  8. Little Gobi

Things to take for a Motorbike tour with Cheke Bikes

  1. Rope for tieing stuff to your bike , or Bungee Cords
  2. Gas for the Cooking Stoves she will provide
  3. Download the Google Translate App and Offline save the Mongolian Language ( Voice Language to Text needs data per simcard below only text works offline)
  4. Get a Data sim card there was coverage at most places
  5. Filling up the fuel tank on a shineray mustang 150 is around 25,000 Mongolian Tugrik ( All Petrol stations take Credit Card some cards didn’t work )
  6. For 8 days 24 litres of water was a good amount , our driver brought 20 Litres on his own

Accommodation costs

  • Tourists camped Varied
    • Cheke has a special price at some resort e.g. 60 per Night per accom and 35 each per meals. Driver paid 40,000 per night and 25,000 for meals ( which we paid for )
  • Guest house = 90,000 for 4 people ( No Meals or Internet )

The country has a lot of Korean feels from Yoghurt Sake to Cass Beer Everywhere!


  • Meat Pankcakes
  • Mutton Dumplings ( Buuz )
  • Mutton Dumplings Clear Soup
  • Tsuivan – Stir fried noodle
  • Budaatai huurga – Stir fried rice
  • Airag – Fermented Mares Milk


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