untitledDepending on the state you are in you will need to exchange your UK driving license within a certain period of arriving in the country.

British Columbia /Saskatchewan / Alberta – 3 Months

Ontario – 60 Days


Some people have been able to swap their driving licenses after these dates , however I wouldn’t risk the hassle of having to redo your driving license just in case!

This process involves going to a Local Driving Centre and bringing with you

  1. Your old UK Driving License AND any other driving license you hold from any other country. I did not need to show proof of driving history or my UK counterpart.
  2. Your Passport
  3. Proof of your Visa ( Student or Work )
  4. Money to pay for license cost. This was $30 for me


  1. They take your driving license off you and offer you a photo copy ( this will either get held or sent back to the UK ) You will need to reapply back in tke UK
  2. Perform an Eye Test
  3. Ask you some questions ( 4 about Canadian Driving ) you don’t have to pass these they tell you the answers if you don’t know
  4. Present you with a temporary paper license and an ETA for your new Card. This temporary license can be used for driving as well as ID
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