How to get Glastonbury Tickets in May !
  1. Oxfam Steward – You get a free ticket but you need to Volunteer
    Three shifts – one day (0545 to 1400) one evening (1345 to 2200) and one overnight (2145 to 0600) over the 5 days. You might be able to get a shift before the festival starts and also on the leaving day which means more festival funShifts are totally random and doesn’t matter if its your first or tenth year volunteering. You can swap shift there’s a notice board where you put your info

    Cost is the deposit of the ticket : 280 GBP

    Set up a local ( cloud is charged )  Distil Monitor  and Target this drop-down on the page  , if its greyed out not available but some come up in May

  2. Run a Distil Monitor on , As I am writing this they just released Sunday tickets. Make sure you register on the Glastonbury sites for tickets ASAP as it takes 24 hours to approve a photo


You can also try \

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