Recently I was delayed 24 hours during a connection in Toronto due to Bad Weather. I tried to get some of my expenses back from Air Canada, however they had the following to say :


Dear ,

Thank you for writing to us about your recent travel. We are sorry to learn about the weather problems you experienced. While weather is beyond our control, we understand the inconvenience these delays and cancellations can cause. In these situations our employees are there to help our customers and we’re sorry if we disappointed you.

Like most North American carriers, we do not provide hotel accommodations and meal vouchers when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather issues, or refund of any expenses incurred. Many passengers choose to purchase travel insurance before their trip. For more information, please visit our Travel Insurance page at

For future reference, Air Canada also offers On My Way, a unique service that provides travel assistance to protect you against unexpected travel expenses by providing complimentary meal allowance, hotel accommodation or ground transportation for any extended delay. You can purchase On My Way on our website before your trip. For more information, please visit

While we can’t offer a refund for the expenses you incurred, as a goodwill gesture, we would like to offer you a one-time discount of 15% off the base fare on your next booking at Below, we have provided your Promotion Code and instructions on how to receive your discount.

If you weren’t able to use any part of your ticket, and would like to request a refund, please use our online Ticket Refund Application at

  • For “Customer type,” please select ‘Passenger.’
  • For “Choose the option which best describes your service-related request,” please select‘Other.’
  • For “Choose the option which best describes your refund request,” please select ‘My flight was cancelled.’

An Air Canada Refund Representative will review your application and reply as soon as possible.

We hope we have the opportunity to welcome you on board in the future.


Air Canada Customer Relations

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