1. Cheques are still being used! When I signed up for bank account here I got asked for a cheque book and I laughed at the thought, however the advisor said these where still used in Canada , some people still pay people in Cheques and some organisations are not setup to take cash! Even companies are still just coming to the fact that Electronic payments are the way forward with B2B payments!
  2. Outdoors , the country is built for activities such as Skiing , Hiking , reminds me of New Zealand. They  have more lakes than any other countries in the world!
  3. Mobile phone and Internet Is expensive. Your average mobile bill will be coming to 50$ + Tax for 2 Gigabyte worth of Data and thats with a cheap providers!
  4. Air Travel especially domestic is expensive! Not sure why this is , but this latest article cannot be a good sign http://www.cbc.ca/news/air-canada-fined-in-price-fixing-scheme-1.969663
  5. Canada rental insurance is very expensive make sure you get excess insurance with your Credit Card Provider not locally!
  6. Seafood is everywhere. Whether it is a seafood boil, lobsters smoked salmon or shellfish
  7. You should try , Poutine, Bloody caesar’s and perogies, these are unique dishes in Canada by themselves!
  8. Tipping is expected like the USA even though their minimum wage is larger than the US
  9. Try the famous Beaver Tail Pastry!
  10. Tim Hortons if Canada’s version of Starbucks. Timbits are small versions of Doughnuts that are famous. Free Wifi in all their cafe’s
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