I retired from Skip the Dishes as a courier, for various reasons the main one being this service was not as fleixble as it should be. You have to book your shift a week before, be available for the entire time under no circumstances finish early. Services like these should be more like Uber and Doordash where you sign in and out when you want.

Retiring means letting customer service know so they can deactivate your account and handing back my Thermal Bags that I purchased to start with. The cost price for these where $79.99 which is payable through Credit Card. When you return these you only get $59.99 back due to a $20 restocking fee. The final nail in the coffin of Skip the Dishes Courier , not a nice taste left!

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  1. Cody Reply

    Hey I got 2 Bags I would like to return can u give me a call at 250 661 7297

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