5 Top tips for making Flying international more enjoyable
  1. Preorder your meals – Usually if booking with the Airline direct you can preorder your meal types if they are special, you can choose options like Vegetarian / Halal / Kosher etc. It means you get your meals before everyone else
  2. Bring an empty bottle to fill with water. Make sure this empty before going through security and you can top it up the other side. Means you don’t need to keep asking the airhostess for water and some cheap airlines its self service
  3. Bring snacks for the plane, some no-thrills airlines charge for food, but the liquids allocation does not stop you from bringing food. Make sure the food is eaten or disposed of when arriving at the destination or you may face a fine for importing products such as meat/ fish or fruit.
  4. Noise Cancelling headphones – This is a game changer! The whiring sounds of an engine release high frequiencies that any noise cancelling headphone can stop ( I recommend Bose ) and also helps with small children crying
  5. Find the best seat on your plane type using :
    https://www.seatguru.com/ . Its really a preference whether you like Windows or Aisle, some even like the back especially in an A380. Some people don’t like to precheck in , as it stops their chances of an upgrade as well
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