If you have gone through the Amazon Wizard of becoming a  professional seller however during your registration you try to change to Indivual you will see you can’t go back. You will need to complete the registration first and once you are done you can switch your selling plan to Individual selling plan by following the simple steps mentioned below:

1. From the “Settings” drop-down menu select “Account Info.”
2. Under Your Services, click “Manage.”
3. Click the “Downgrade” button.
4. Click on “Confirm Selling Plan switch”.

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above your selling plan will be changed to Individual selling plan from the next billing cycle and this will reflect on your seller central page.

I would also like to inform you that as I check the details, there is no deduction of monthly subscription fee showing on your seller account, however, if Amazon deducts your monthly subscription fee, we will refund you as you are not at-fault.

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