Recently I had to use my purchase protection that comes with all credit cards , but American Express’ customer service makes this whole process very easy.

I paid for a service that I was not given, and after trying multiple calls to the service provider with long waits for call center staff and unhelpful customer agents they refused to refund me or reschedule my appointment for free.

This is exactly the protection a credit cards gives you protection against. They will contact the company instead of you with your side of the story you will need to provide evidence of how the service provider failed to provide service or refund and either get the provider to refund your the money or refund it themselves if the service provider can’t give enough information.

You just need to call up American Express telephone number on the back of your card and give them the date/time of transaction , why you would like to charge back and then they open a case for you to upload evidence to.

The amount on your statement will still be there , however you can leave this balance on your CC and they will refund any interest during the dispute

Immediate Chargebacks

In most cases, American Express will issue an immediate chargeback to the merchant; few situations require an inquiry. In fact, if a merchant experiences high inquiry rates, American Express will advance the dispute process by issuing immediate chargebacks to that merchant. Inquiries will no longer be sent.


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