Recently I purchased a pair of i7’s Wireless Headphones from Ali Express

The products looked great and especially for 4US Dollars delivered

The products arrived and synced via Bluetooth fine and sound was fine , great!

The Music time on these is supposed to be “music time about 1.5-2 hours” however after my first run I found the battery on these only lasted for 40 mins

I tried to contact the seller directly about the issue to see if they would send another product , however they said battery is not guaranteed. I used my buyers right , and opened my first Dispute case with AliExpress.

The AliExpress dispute process is alot like eBay’s. The purchaser lodges a claim , the seller has time to respond and if a resolution cannot be solved between parties , Aliexpress will decide.

I lodged a failure with the product ( only lasting 40 minutes from full charge) and asked for a refund. It did ask for a video or image of the fault however how could I prove the battery life?

The seller came back and rejected the refund request with no information

The case then got escalated to Ali Express , and then got decided to the sellers favour due to the below

Problems with the orderJudgement from AEInvalid Reason
Functions are not as describedInvalidVideo is needed for this complaint
Cannot chargeInvalidVideo is needed for this complaint
Having problems after connecting to the deviceInvalidVideo is needed for this complaint

I am guessing the only way I could have recorded this evidence, is it to record music playing out of the headphones at full volume in a quiet ariea for 40 minutes until the battery warning came on! Not really the best use of 40minutes of my time , but a lesson for next time!

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