So if you receive dividends with your International held shares during a tax year you need to declare this income. NAB Trade send you a dividend report for ASX ( Local ) help companies but it seems International held shares you are on your own!

The ATO help you with this situation on their website

If you navigate to your Cash Account in NAB Trade and go to Transactions you should see your Dividend line items :


WHT is the Tax Withheld in the local currency, you can find the current percentage for your country here

The Credit amount is how much dividend you have received

The exchange rate if the Exchange rate at that time

Filling this out on your ATO Return

You will need to calculate using the exchange rate of each dividend all the Withheld Tax to AUD. This will then go in Foreign Tax paid e.g. 1.00AUD

You will then need to add this to the sum of all Dividend money received. This figure goes in Gross Income

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