doordash-logl1Recently I started testing out part time services such as Doordash and other services to review for working Nomad’s. I will be reviewing weekly earnings however there was a question raised which I had to speak to support about. Once I started I got something called “Extra Pay” on my income showing on door dash app on some runs, and not later on some others … What and why was it?

It was Door Dashes Conditional Minimums

We continue to offer $13.00 conditional minimums in our <city Name> starting points (areas) during the hours of 8:30 am to 10 am every day. To be eligible for this conditional minimum, you must sign into your shift on-time (no more than 10 minutes late) and accept 90% of the orders assigned to you.

Once you have performed the above you will make sure you get paid at least $13 for every hour

There is also we weekly bonus :

50$ Bonus – To receive this bonus, Dashers need to perform >50 deliveries, and maintain a weekly acceptance rate of >95%

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