So I have just had the opportunity to put my American Express Travel Delay Insurance to the test that I get for free with my American Express Platinum Card!

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My Air Canada Connection flight was delayed for 2 hours when I landed. This was due to rain on the runway causing delays. This was pretty lucky anyway as the 1hr and 40 minutes to get through Toronto Immigration and recheck my bag is always tight and not the first time I would have missed a connection due to this!

I always do and would recommend you do as well , to call up the Insurance services just to check your eligibility to claim ( call the number on the back of your card and ask them to put you through to Travel Delay insurance team )

I found The minimum time your flight can be delayed before you can start to claim food, travel and accommodation costs is 4 hours so I couldn’t claim for the moment …..

3 hours of waiting at a complimentary $10 food voucher later and they eventually cancelled the flight ( this actually counts for a over 4 hour delay! ). They said I would need to call reservations to get myself on a new flight, the queue for the line was huge and the Air Canada Reservation team number was busy.

I called Amex back who notified me I was eligible for up to 1000$ worth of Meals, Travel and Accommodation within 48hours! They got all the information there and then to create a claim and I could call back after I was back to get a form emailed for my expenses. The insurance is actually underwritten by a company called Global Excel.

I checked into the nearest airport hotel , if your airport doesn’t have one of these , the insurance will pay for the transport to one …

The next morning Air Canada had actually rebooked me on a new flight in 3 days times, so I had to call Air Canada to get this changed to within 48 hours to make sure I was still covered , the insurance won’t pay for anything over the 48 hours delay …

I did ask the insurance if I could purchase a new plane ticket that would get me in sooner , however as this was only a one way ticket I was not eligible for this

Things to do :

  1. Keep all receipts
  2. Get Proof of your flight cancellation ( Air Canada Emailed me )
  3. Make sure you purchased your flight using your Amex card to get coverage, you will need to send them an Amex statement on with this
  4. These will all need to be emailed to [email protected] after you get your Claim Number

In Total my claim was $390 as Air Canada was able to put me on a flight the next day. This was

  • $70 Worth of Meals
  • $270 Worth of Hotel
  • $50 Worth of Transport

If you know your claim number you can also sign up to their control panel which makes it easier to do the below

  •      Get the right claim form for your situation
  •      Submit documents
  •      Follow the status of your claim*
  •      View frequently asked questions
  •      Send us a question/Email us.

*     Requires registration. Click here.

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