Arriving at the Airport

Cash is king in this country, they accept credit card in a few places however they will charge you a surcharge and you also don’t know where your card will get ‘skimmed’. ATM’s in the airport are usually a safe bet and also the currency exchanges here will be better than your local airport! Outside of this try and keep to using ATM’s in banks in Bali and I’d recommend using a credit card for ALL Transactions, you can actually ‘pre load’ your credit card with a positive balance which means

Simcard – Denpasar Airport has Free Wifi , however if you want to save yourself 200 bali rupee on a Taxi/Scooter to you accommodation you’ll need to get one of these ASAP ( Unless you have good Roaming Data plan! ) . There are multiple providers to choose from and I was able to purchase a 10 day SimPati 18GB Data for 200 bali Rupee ( You can also pre purchase these )

GoJek is your Friend! This is the Balinese uber , however so cheap for Scooters/Cars/Food Delivery and Massage. My GoJek Scooter from Denpasar Airport to Changgu was 33 bali Rupee and also means the Taxi touts will leave you alone when you say you are using GoJek 😀


This town is digital Nomad central ( Co working : \ ) with surf camps and parting ( Old Mans )


GoJek is Banned in the city here along with Uber/GrabTaxi. They force you to use local Taxi’s who charge higher prices. I was wanting to not rent a scooter , but here its hard to do that unless you rent a private car.

Scooter rental however I did for 50k for 12 Hours or 24hours for 70K

  • Tegalalang rice fields
  • Kopi Luwak – This is special coffee that has been swallowed by a Cat and excreted to change the acidity. A cup will set you back around 110K but its a must try
  • Waterfalls – There are lots of waterfalls around to explore and used by the locals to refresh during the hot summer
  • Cool CoWorking Spot :

Ubud to Longbonkan

I recommend purchasing a ticket via a Travel shop , they will do Hotel pickup which included Ubud to Sanur which will usually cost you 200 in a car and

Longbonkan to Gili T

Gili T

  • Night Markets
  • Diving
  • Snorkling Trip – You should be able to barter the travel shop down to 80K for this day trip. They Leave 10.30 , 11.30 or 1pm and takes 4 hours

Gili T to Uluwatu – Boat and Transfer will cost you 250K and takes 2 hours. The boat transfer when you get to Sanur will only take you are far as Jimbaran. When you arrive there will be shuttle buses you give your ticket too. The shuttle bus will then pretend that the journey from Sanur to Jimbaran will take 4 hours, so you should get a private driver, however it only takes 2 hours. Once you get to Sanur the shuttle driver will offer you 75K per person to take you to Uluwatu , but you can get a private GoJek Car for 33k for the whole car!


Uluwatu is another place like Ubud that GoJek is ‘banned’ from. You see signs all around the city saying Only Drop offs no pic ups! I spoke to my homestay who said I should be able to pick up form there. There was no scooters available in the area so I found a Go-Car. After logging in and seeing I was a foreigner they tried to increase the price from 77 Rupee to 200 Rupee which I declined. I cancelled and tried again and again the next car said Airport Taxes would be 220 Rupee. So I change the address , on landing I heard the Call to Prayer happening so I change the destination to the Mosque nearby and pretended I was going there instead of the airport and the driver took me for the agreed Price

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