spicy-foods[1]Constantly being on the hunt for the new spiciest meal or dish in Melbourne , I have come up with a list below to share for fellow spice lovers!

1) Crazy WingsThe Crazy Wing – A small chinese restaurant that grill around 100 + random bits of meat on sticks reminding you of being back in Thailand. Sit down and you will be greated with a menu where you tick off your items and give back to the waiter. The place gets a bit smokey as you are never less that 4 meters away from the grill , but the Crazy Wing have a unique strong dry chilli flavour!

2) The TrunkStupid Hot Wings – Definitely on pare heat wise with Crazy Wings however an american style hot sauce which takes a while to kick in. They also offer an eating challenge of a whole 6 wings!

3) Mrs Parma’s Parmagedon – A classic Australian dish – The Chicken Parma – dazzeled with a layer of chilli on top with a side of hallapino’s. Now you can ask the waiter for “EXTRA Gedon” and the chef takes this request as a serious challenge to your tastebuds.

4) Melbournes Mojo Pizza – The Volcano A “different” pizzastore in Richmond and Port Melbourne , a definate firey pizza layered with multiple chillis and jalapinos , but great for a take away / delivery dish!

5) Dainty SichuanChinese hotpot –  A hot restaurant , where they will offer up a firey spicey soup to cook up a various range of fresh ingredients which will keep your nose running for the whole meal!

6) GaylordsCurries – An Indian restaurant ( in china town) where they take you request of spice levels of any curries seriously! They add various fresh and powered spices to get the curry up to the correct spice level and are always happy to welcome you in day or night!

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