Things to do in Taiwan on a Long Weekend

Get yourself sorted with free Wifi

Taiwan has a huge availability of Wifi over the country especially on the MRT ( Underground ) and even the bullet train. To use the iTaiwan hotspot you will need to take your passport to a tourist office where they will give you a Username and password for login. The MRT Station and Train Hotspots don’t need this, but most cities will. You really don’t need a SIM card due to this , however you can get these at the Airport if needed or a portable wifi box

Do a free tour of Taipei – Offer lots of free tours e.g. History or Food and I’d highly recommend them. Tipping is optional after the tour

Night Markets

Most city’s I have been too have a single night market, however, not Taipei , each market is different with different food , business and how local it is. I’d recommend trying a different one each night , they start around 7pm.

  • Shilin Night Market
  • Raohe Night Market
  • Ningxia Night Market
  • Snake Alley, also known as Huaxi Street Night Market 

Bullet Train

It wasn’t my first Bullet train experience ( Japan ) but its a great way you can get from one end of the country to the other in about 1hr and a half. You can just turn up and wait for a train.

Shopping Districts

Wufenpu Shopping District – Is a factory outlet for cheap clothes, reminds me of Womens Market in Hong Kong

Guanghua Digital Plaza – Is for everything you need with Electronics/Games/Computers


One of the famous spots it Elephant Mountain during Sunset around 5-6pm. Its a fair hike up the mountain but worth it for the views

Day trip to JiuFen

This is an Old Town out of Taipei , take about an hour on public transport , and I wouldn’t recommend arriving before 8am. You will find lots of unique food stalls and souvenirs.

If you are making the trip over here , you can also visit ShiFen Waterfall on the way back and there are tour companies which will drop you off at both of these for 22$ TWD

Places to Party

Revolver and The Brass Monkey are almost always packed with foreigners and good places to socialize.Dance the night away at the club Luxy, where occasionally there are performances by popular artists like LMFAO.

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