Email back from Amazon

We have restored the access to your Amazon account. You can now sign in and continue to use our services.

Thank you for your patience and we are sorry if any inconvenience was caused.

Account Specialist

Reply from Me
Can you let me know why this account is suspended? I’ve only just opened this account so not sure why its been suspended straight away as I haven’t used it?
On creating a brand new amazon Account I was greeted with an email :

Email from Amazom


We have suspended your Amazon account.

Why did this happen?
We took this measure because the information available to us indicates that you may have provided inaccurate information to Amazon or used your Amazon account in violation of our conditions of use policy. This decision was made through a combination of automation and expert human review.

Has this action been taken in error?
If you would like to appeal this decision, please reply to this email ( and we will further investigate.

Account Specialist

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