air%20nz%20wordmark-011A recent trip to Australia for a good friends wedding flying Air New Zeland from Canada via Auckland, I packed the bride and groom some edible gifts from North America as they are notorious foodies especially for hot sauce! The items where places in socks and wrapped in clothes like I usually do to protect from Damage. On my arrival to Australia I opened my bag to find a distinct smell of Hot Sauce ….. which had been smashed during transit! The 10$ Hot Sauce bottle was not the main issue , the issue was it had leaked all over my Wedding Suit which was the following day ….

Luckily as a Platinum Accor member I was able to get priority service on dry cleaning and one item free with the hotel I’d booked, and the suit came back within 2 hours brand new ( Great service by the Pullman )

I contacted New Zealand Customer services on my return with this information to see their response :

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to read of the difficulties experienced on your recent flight with us from Vancouver to Melbourne Via Auckland. It was disappointing to read of the damage to your suit prior to the wedding, however relieved that you were able to have it dry cleaned out. I am happy to request a refund, for the dry cleaning cost, if you can please provide the following:

1)      Flight details and dates (Vancouver – Auckland – Melbourne)

2)      A copy of the receipt of the dry cleaning bill (which I understand you already have)

3)      Credit Card details

Upon receipt of these, I can request a refund to be paid back into your Credit Card. This will take from 10 – 15 business days to be processed and appear into your account from the date of processing.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from them, maybe an apology or a link to some terms and conditions , however I was taken back by their offer of payment for Dry Cleaning.

+1 Air New Zealand , not only do your Safety Videos always make be smile but your customer service and planes are great too 🙂

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