lostproperty1Recently I misplaced a bag in a taxi and noticed only once the taxi had driven off. The Bag had a Netbook laptop in which I would like to get back, on calling the Taxi Company I tried to give the location I had dropped off the Taxi and where I picked it up and time. I had flagged this taxi down not using the app … however this was no good to them and they wanted the Taxi Receipt which I had declined or Taxi Number which I had not written down….

Luckily I paid for this Taxi using a Credit Card, however your Credit Card Provider can only provide you with the name of the company and time of transaction which will not help you identify the actual Taxi you were in.

What a credit card gives you in some protection of a reverse charge in case of fraud activities. Once you tell your Credit Card company to action this , they can investigate with the taxi company who can provide details of the transaction. This process is a mess for everyone , so I called back the taxi company with the threat of doing this , and they where able to track down the Taxi using the First and Last 4 digits of the Credit Card I Used!

Hopefully this works with Debit Cards , however you will not have the protection of a reverse card charge

This would be so much easier with Uber!!!

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