Catch Connect Mobile review


Recently Catch Connect did the following Deal and they have extended until 11am 6 June 2018 Sydney time

This is obviously to get people onboard but it seemed too good to miss


The SimCard arrived in 3 days, and could be setup and activated online after entering the sim Number. It took 2 hours. I didn’t need to port a number over however  this could be done during the setup process. It looks like however the porting process could take 3 days to move your number to be careful before doing this.

Downside – There is currently no App to check your usage, you have to check this online via : or by calling their customer services


Catch Connect Piggyback off the Optus Network. The speeds didn’t seem too congested as all compared to normal Optus :

This was using my phone as a Hotspot as well for the test

A Optus coverage map can be found here



Overall the service, provisioning and speed have been fine. Have yet to test out their customer services yet

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