Ski Resorts


So, we only visited the resorts to the right of Hakyba Goryu (from memory)

The Goryu and 47 are connected and this is were we stayed. Its walking distance from Kamishiro train station. And I think this is the main bus terminal

We stayed at Hotel Stelle Belle

The closest 7/11 is a good walk away from where we stayed

And you gotta get up early to catch the bus cause you can sleep on the bus, eg the trip to Cortina is over an hour!

There were a few places to eat around, just gotta go exploring.

Hakuba Cortina 

Was the best most advanced place. This has a “non recommended track” through the tree’s that goes off course

Fresh powder everywhere.

But it is the longest bus ride from hakuba

Its small so you do only need 1 day here

Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba47 is the main resort at hakuba

These tracks were ok, you can do night skiing down the main run. Good for a few days exploring and halfdays if you need a rest

Lots of spots to get lunch and some small shops


I really liked this place,  we went off the tracks here exploring.

When we were here it was really cloudy so that might have made it more fun, not being able to see how big the place was or see in front of you


Long runs but flat and a bit boring

Hakuba Norikura

Crazy steep not good for snobowards

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