Refinancing Mortgage to ( HSBC ) Review

Applied : September 6th 2021

Reason: Reduction of interest rates by 0.1%

Approved : September 15th 2021

Settlement: October 19th 2021


  • Call from HSBC Premier Relationship Manager | Premier Connect who went through the whole process with me from Approval to Settlement
  • They use SecureMail for all documents which is clunky to say the least
  • No offer from Peoples Choice to try and match rate
  • They wanted me to sign manually documents and scan all pages in , the adobe scan software on my phone missed off some page numbers to the process took 3 attempts
  • The HSBC Home Loan Adviser gave me their mobile number for texting which sped things up
  • HSBC provided me the Discharge form for Peoples choice with the info filled out for me to sign
  • The form upload process for very old and not clear , asking for Upload Special Condition with no other details
  • Mortgage Adviser checked documents thoroughly before submission to Mortgage Team for Appoval
  • The hold up on Settlement was mainly due to Peoples Choice Union , HSBC chased them up 3-4 times , I offered to help however a week later it was done
  • Cashback was paid in 2 months , the Mortgage Adviser gave an actual date when this was to arrive
  • Mortgage Adviser was available for other questions after settlement
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