I recommend visiting all the night markets in Taiwan and you will find all these dishes

  1. Steamed Spring Roll
  2. Pig blood cake
  3. Peanut pancake with Icecream
  4. Fishball Soup
  5. Taiwanese Burger ( Gua bao )
  6. Braised Pork on Rice
  7. Beef Noodles (niú ròu miàn)
  8. BubbleTea
  9. Taiwanese sausage in Rice (xiāng cháng)
  10. Blood Soup
  11. Snake Blood
  12. Stinky Tofu
  13. Mochi
  14. Beef cooked with Flamethrower
  15. Rice Vermillci with Pig Intestine and Oysters
  16. Oyster Omelet
  17. Taiwanese Breakfast
  18. Century Egg
  19. Braised Items in Soy Sauce
  20. Yong He Dou Jiang everywhere, my fav Dou Jiang has to be Fu Hang Dou Jiang ( Friend Dough with Soy Milk )
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