1. visa1Getting a TFN ( Tax file Number ) 
    Fill the website out : https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/. This takes about a week to come through however you can call up a few days later to get this read over the phone. You CANNOT work in Australia until you have thi

    1. If your going to be self employed you will need to register for an ABN : https://www.business.gov.au/info/plan-and-start/start-your-business/business-and-company-registration/register-for-an-australian-business-number-abn
  2. Getting a Local Mobile Phone
    Go into any phone shop ( I choose Optus ) with your password and they can give you a sim , make sure your phone is unlocked , or your are out of your current contract and you can get your old provider to unlock your phone. If you have an Apple device you will need to get hold of a Computer with iTunes to complete the unlock process
  3. Getting a Bank Account , go into any bank with your Passport and you can sign up to an account. They will need your TFN but you can add this later. They will send your cards to an address so make sure you have a temporary one or a friend you can send to
  4. Find accommodation
    GumTree , https://flatmates.com.au and Easyroomate are your friends here , signup and remember it’s a numbers game. You should build a short bio you can send to all the adverts with a bit about yourself
  5. Job
    Someones got to pay for this all right? Gumtree again will help out here , sign up to all the recruiters in your field as well
  6. Future Plan
    Are you looking to stay here for longer than the 1 year , the second year could involve hard labour for 3 months , and this is usually fruit picking for backpackers , you might need to do this sooner than later as the work is seasonal and its better to get this out the way. Also maybe you want to stay longer than 2 years? Maybe you have enough skills for Sponsorship or came over with an Australia partner who you could get a bridging visa off
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